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For over 20 years, Verasoft has created award-winning and industry-leading software solutions that are used around the world. During that time it has become clear that some businesses need a tailored solution to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their operation. To meet the needs of our clients, we offer highly configurable solutions, completely custom solutions, and even allow many of our branded software products to be customized. Delivering the right solution is what we do.

Some of our software brands


The ultimate suite of software for retail and service oriented businesses of all sizes and shapes. KORVUE includes Point-of-Sale, Scheduling, Billing, eCommerce, Gift Cards, Electronic Forms and Contracts, and much more. KORVUE has solutions for desktop, cloud and mobile.

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VerSaaS is a premier cloud framework that sets the stage for powerfully custom private and public cloud solutions. This framework includes support for advanced CRM, Billing, Scheduling, Mapping and more. Whatever your custom solution needs, VerSaaS is likely a perfect fit.

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Quick Bill

QuickBill has been the billing engine for many of our products since 1995. The QuickBill cloud billing system is a perfect solution for your advanced billing needs, from invoicing to project billing to recurring billing. Also manage complex retainers, financing and more.

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