About us

Verasoft is a multinational software firm, specializing in the development of award-winning technologies for many industries spanning the globe.

Verasoft develops high-powered component, console, cloud, and mobile software systems that are used worldwide, in multiple languages. A few of our technologies are VerSaaS™ custom cloud systems, QuickBill™ billing systems, and KORVUE® retail and ecommerce systems, which has been awarded Technology-of-the-Year five times.

Verasoft is continuing to expand its impact in the cloud and mobile space with custom and branded solutions. The majority of our applications and branded products are extended or designed specifically for cloud and mobile.

KORVUE encompasses some of the world’s most powerful retail management and security systems, while providing unparalleled scheduling, monitoring, contract writing, and automated billing. A few noteworthy functions of KORVUE are secure messaging, theft control, and its AI which automatically manages data, generates alerts, and learns the habits of clientele, helping to significantly reduce attrition.

Verasoft’s technologies and partnerships virtually ensure an end-to-end solution deployment that is suitable for single-person operations all the way to large multinationals.

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