Doing research on available eCommerce systems is something we encourage. Understanding what is available today will also make it clear that Verasoft’s solutions are more powerful and more capable.

The number of clients demanding to interact with businesses online is increasing at an alarming rate, especially on mobile devices. Maximizing your online presence is crucial to staying relevant.

Verasoft solutions give you extensive capabilities and full integration with social media, which you can use any combination of. These include:

Online Store. Fully custom eCommerce system that can interact directly with your point-of-sale, accounting, inventory, warehouse, and vendors. The design can look and work virtually any way that you desire, and our advanced functions and logic power more sales. Promotion, gift card, and loyalty system support are all built-in. Order fulfillment, credit card processing, picking, packing, shipping, and analytics. It is all there and much more.

Online Gift Cards. This is the most powerful online gift card system of its kind. Traditional or electronic gift cards can be purchased instantly. Electronic gift cards can be posted to Facebook, emailed, downloaded, printed, or even stored in electronic wallets like Apple’s Passbook. Our gift card system can integrate with your point-of-sale, allowing purchased gift cards to be instantly used online or at your stores (you have control over where it can be used). Bonuses and promotions are also part of this system, such as issuing a bonus $5 gift card with the purchase of a $50 gift card.

Online Booking. No matter how complex your appointment booking configuration is, our advanced online booking engine can manage it. Clients can book even the most complex appointments with ease. Appointments book in real-time, there is no syncing, and when your client books an appointment they instantly appear on your schedule. They also have access to their history and can easily repeat appointments, as well as see recommendations for services and products. Clients can reserve products with their appointment, so you can forecast your inventory and pre-bag their purchase.

Online Event Registration. Create events of all shapes and sizes, with the rules and requirements of your choice. Clients can register themselves, related parties and even guests (if allowed). If you charge a fee, the client can pay it online during their registration. Employees can use the customer service portal to register clients and manage attendance. Event vouchers and confirmations can be sent by email and SMS (text message).

Electronic Forms. Custom electronic forms for your staff and clients. From registration forms to consent forms to membership agreements and medical history, any type of form can be managed online. Data is also available to understand stats and trends. They can even sign electronically with Verasoft’s nDORSE technology.

Custom Interfaces. Provide a special interface for 3rd party call centers, remote employees, or even departments you are looking to streamline. An interface can be designed with specific fields, access and purpose.

Client Portal. Add online account management to your website. Allow your clients to update their information, make payments, review history and interact with the other systems, such as online booking and gift cards.

There many applications for our eCommerce solutions. Whether you want to use one or more of its capabilities, be sure to speak with a specialist to understand how this incredible system can benefit you.

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